Saturday, February 4, 2017

To date, we have 126 organizations, faith communities and businesses endorsing the It Won't Happen Here Declaration, as well as almost 1,700 signatures online and 1,400 signatures on hardcopy petitions.

Those working on It Won't Happen Here in Petaluma will be speaking out at the Petaluma City Council meeting on Monday, February 6, 6:00 pm, Petaluma City Hall. If you're from Petaluma, please consider attending.

Santa Rosa City Council will be considering a resolution on Tuesday, Feb 7. The resolution is focused on protecting immigrants from ICE. It can be found at

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors will be considering a very weak statement - much weaker than the statement being sent to them by the Commission on Human Rights. It will be considered on Tuesday, January 7, in the morning. The session starts at 8:30 a.m. Looks like it might be considered mid-morning, but better to be early than miss it! Having put it on the agenda (with no public input on its wording), it can't be changed and we are forced to support it or reject it as is. It looks as though our work will continue and we'll have keep telling them we want more than this. 

Here's the wording:

Resolution Of The Board Of Supervisors Of The County Of Sonoma, State Of California, Affirming the County’s Commitment To Diversity And To Safeguarding The Civil Rights, Safety And Dignity Of All Our Residents.Whereas, the County of Sonoma (“County”) is home to persons of diverse racial, ethnic and national backgrounds, including a large immigrant population, with varied cultures, religions, orientations, abilities and viewpoints; andWhereas, the County believes that diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of the American people makes our nation, our communities, and our economy richer and stronger; andWhereas, recent activities, including executive orders signed by the new federal administration, have spurred a sense of uncertainty and fear among many communities in Sonoma County, throughout our State and across the Nation; andWhereas, the County respects, upholds, and values equal protection and equal treatment for all of our residents, regardless of immigration status; andWhereas, the County assures its vulnerable communities that the County supports them, will strive to maintain and improve their quality of life, and will not tolerate acts of hate, discrimination, bullying, or harassment; andNow, Therefore, Be It Resolved that the Board of Supervisors commits to:
  1. Providing essential services to all County residents regardless of immigration status; and
  2. Developing solutions to ensure respect for the rights of all residents and to take actions to ensure the family unity, community security, dignity and due process for all residents of Sonoma County.
Our work will center around "developing solutions."
Here is the link to the full agenda item, which includes more than the resolution:
That evening, Tuesday, January 7, 7:00 p.m., we will be having a meeting at the Peace & Justice Center, 467 Sebastopol Ave., SR to discuss the BoS meeting and the Petaluma one and plan where we go from here.
Thank you to everyone who is working on this effort - which is much bigger than It Won't Happen Here Sonoma County - Comité Vida, Community Action Coalition, Santa Rosa Sanctuary Now! and others.
Our work is far from over, so please keep collecting signatures and requesting group endorsements. The statement with current endorsers is attached. And if you gave me the name of an organization and I haven't included it, please let me know. It has happened a couple of times!
Thank you!

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