Tuesday, February 14, 2017

This is the group and the guy that just held a 2-day training for the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office. Some of us have seen this guy in action in the documentary "Do Not Resist." He's batshit crazy and training our law enforcement. We need to be educating the Board of Supervisors and the public about this. This is relevant to anti-police brutality work and to immigration work.
Freitas supports this and he supports the immigration policy of Jeff Sessions. It's going to be interesting to see how the supes are going to justify kissing Freitas' ass while he refuses to listen to them on their "don't mention sanctuary" resolution.
We need to support Julie Combs on the Santa Rosa City Council (and any council member in the county who agrees with her) as she seeks ways to send those arrested by city police departments to jails other than Sonoma County's - to jails in counties where the sheriff does not support ICE and does not support Jeff Sessions or Calibre and all the hate that go along with that.

"Are You Prepared to Kill Somebody?" A Day With One of America's Most Popular Police Trainers
The dark vision of "killology" expert Dave Grossman.

...he also views the world as almost unrecognizably dangerous: a place where gang members seek to set records for killing cops, where a kid "in every school" is thinking about racking up "a body count." His latest book, Assassination Generation, insists that violent video games are turning the nation's youth into mass murderers. The recent wave of "massacres" is just the beginning... It won't just happen with guns, but with hammers, axes, hatchets, knives, and swords. His voice jumps an octave: "Hacking and stabbing little kids! You don't think they'll attack day cares? It's already happening in China. When you hear about a day care massacre," he shouts, "tell them Grossman said it was coming!"

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